Guide Book for Prospective Graduate & Freshmen
(Under Construction)

This page contains some information especially for prospective graudate and freshmen of UCSD.  Some information is especially for students from China.  This page is under construction.  Please send me email for any suggestion.

0. Overview about San Diego: San Diego links and Chinese Organizations
1. Before you come here:
     Books  Housing
2. For the flight:
3. Startup -- things to do in the first few days in San Diego:
        StudentID  BusStick  Bus  Bank  SSN  Telephone  TV
4. Improvement -- things for better life:
        CreditCard  Book ShoppingMall
5. General -- things you might to know for whole life here:
        Barber_HairCut  Beach Movie Restaurant  Dentist  Insurance
6. Research -- this is the most important thing for your PHD life


0. San Diego Info:

1. Before you come here:

2. For the Flight:

3. "Startup" things: (for freshmen's first week)

    1). Buying List:

            study Desk

            Rice cooker
            Food: milk, cereals, bread, eggs, meat, vegetable, fruit
            Dish washer, paper
            (knife, chopsticks, dishes)

            Toilet paper

            Prepaid phone card

            TV & TV stand
            Dinner desk

            Laundry basket
            Garbage bin


    2). Banking

USE Credit Union:  You may open an account with Regular Saving and Basic Checking.
Bank of America:
Wells Fargo 

    3). SSN: Social Security Number.  Go to International Center to apply for SSN.  SSN is necessary to apply credit card, it also helps on your banking and installation of telephone and cable, etc..

    4). Guide:

Telephone & internet access at school: For CSE students, you can use the public labs in CSE building (Where are they? I don't know yet since we just moved to the new CSE building this July). For other students, you might find telephone in international center, and there are many public computers in Price Center (first floor: near east entry; second floor: near post office).

Nearby shopping centers & grocery (those can be reached by bus); 
Shopping Centers: UTC, La Jolla Villiage Center, La Jolla Villiage Square
Grocery shops:
    Vons at south end of Regents Road
    Ralphs in La Jolla Villiage Center
    Trader Joe's in La Jolla Villiage Center
    Savon in La Jolla Villiage Square
    Whole Food Market in La Jolla Villiage Square

How to take bus:
If you have got the student ID card, go to Parking Office (near USE Credit Union) for a free bus sticker with which you can take bus 30, 41, 48/49, 150 for free in "free zone".  You can also get free UCSD map there. Check UCSD Parking for more information.
Here is the on-line bus timetable and map:
Remember, bus doesn't stop at all bus stops -- it only stops when someone want to get on or off.  So if you want to get off, you should pull the thread on windows to let bus driver know your request.

How to go school: Bus 30, 41, 48/49, 150, 301 or school shuttle.  Mesa Shuttle operates in weekdays year-round; City Shuttle operates in weekdays of acedemic year.  Check UCSD Shuttle for more information.

How to apply for credit cards: You have to get your SSN first.  Refer to the Credit Cards section.  

How to go beach: take bus 30.

How to deal with the phone advertise: if you don't understand the advertise completely, never say "yes".  You can ask them to mail you paper document.

Buy Books:

Books in American is very expensive compared to in China.  So if you want to save money, you should buy some books published in China.  A book list for CSE dept is in  The following are some links for buying books in America.
: Search for the best price Multiple Book Price Comparison "Books A Million", provides very good prices Bookpool, provides very good prices Barnes & Noble, the biggest book shop (7% discount using Discover card) Amazon, new & useds used books used books

Credit Cards:

A good list of credit cards for students
Visa Student: Credit questions for students
Information about credit cards
Tips for building credit history

1. Don't try to get credit cards with high credit line.  Without credit history, you can hardly get approved for those credit cards.  Try some student cards first, like AmericanExpress Student Blue, Citi Cash Card, Discover Student Card, etc.
2. Don't apply too many credit cards in the beginning.  All your applications will appear in your credit history.  Having too many cards or being refused for too many times will affect your credit.  Usually, one master or visa card, one AmericanExpress card and maybe one discover card let you go everywhere.




1. Xusheng Mu D.D.S.  M.S.D.  沐旭升牙医诊所
4716 Clairement Mesa Blvd. San Diego, CA 92117
Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri, Sat 9am-6pm

2. Dr Jin Yang's Dental Office
4310 Genesee Ave Suite 108-B, San Diego, CA 92117
858 292 6998.




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